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Autoclaved aerated concrete blocks and foam concrete block is the difference
- Jan 19, 2017 -

1, steam-cured raw, with aluminum powder, principle is a raw material of high temperature gas through chemical reactions to produce bubbles, the bubble itself there is no consistency, in such high density cement slurry viscosity of certain liquid bubbles to rise fast (why they call the loss rate).
2, joined the aluminum foam by chemical reaction, it is a slow process, a little chemistry knowledge to know. Such of pre products if not steam pressure words, in a relative time within (several hours to more than 10 a hours ranging) block internal has been in occurred with chemical changes, and cement also need in this time paragraph within solidification, such on produced has contradictions, cement need resting solidification, slow reaction process is in constantly produced gas need discharge, exhaust process in masonry body internal produced of countless small range pressure and will effect to need resting solidification of cement, such on will serious effect to block overall of strong degree.
To sum up: autoclaved aerated autoclave steam process is nothing but a reaction to speed up the process, the entire process will not sell equipment that can increase the strength of masonry cement, that are vaunted. Because the principle of material and foam mixture out of brick, not autoclaved, without as much cement, foam concrete blocks, pressure is worse. After autoclaving only nature conservation and foam concrete in place under pressure.