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Cement Block Machine Features
- Jul 01, 2018 -

Cement Block Machine Features

Cement bricks protect our country’s precious land resources, and at the same time realize the reuse of resources. For example, slag, slag, construction waste, etc., which everyone considers to be garbage, can be transformed into unburned bricks through the use of brick machine equipment. The recycling of resources, which is why the country introduced the relevant policies, and vigorously support the development of the cement brick market. In addition, the question that many friends are worried about is the quality of cement bricks. Is its intensity up to standard? Here I can give you a completely positive reply. The quality of the cement bricks is not only inferior to the original red bricks, but also far exceeds the strength of the red bricks.

1. The design is reasonable. It adopts automatic transfer board system, feed feeding, forced cloth system, head synchronization and mold frame synchronization system, which can automatically cycle production, high production efficiency, large amount of bricks, and stable product quality.

2. Equipment machine, electricity, liquid linkage, PLC control, program interlocked self-protection, safe and reliable operation, main console computer interface operation (Chinese/English menu, LCD touch screen), can realize machine parameter setting, random signal acquisition , fault diagnosis analysis, adjust the machine to the best working condition. Remote monitoring, fault finding and system upgrades are also possible via remote communication.

3, using hydraulic motor vibration, reasonable structure, reliable use, high vibration efficiency, organic combination of pressure and vibration, product density is good.

Wide range of applications, can produce standard bricks, hollow bricks, lightweight bricks, pavement bricks and other concrete.