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Cement Bricks Machine's ​ Operation Process
- Jul 01, 2018 -

Cement Bricks Machine's  Operation Process

When a brick blank is pressed with only one type of powder, only one fabric vehicle cloth is required. If a brick blank is pressed with a second layer of powder, two cloth vehicles are required to perform the secondary cloth. The mold core of the corresponding mold of the cement brick machine has two times The blanking station cooperates. The bricks of the secondary fabric are generally used to save the cost of the more expensive surface powder, and the lower layer of the brick is made of cheap powder to make the brick of the double material to reduce the cost of the product.

Cement bricks and condiments should pay attention to the materials, mixing materials can not have too coarse grain aggregate or other different, hard mixed, especially steel and other sturdy items, so as not to damage the mechanical parts. Brick machine combined with new technical support, driving force can produce a variety of high-strength bearing blocks and non-load-bearing blocks. The cement brick machine equipment can be combined with mixers, conveyors, batching machines, palletizing machines, etc. to realize automated procedures, which can produce various blocks and perforated bricks, and can also install a layered distribution machine to complete smooth or colorful floor tiles. The roadside bricks and the like are popular with people in the fields of technology, best-selling fields, production processes, and environmental protection. They are strictly enforced in every process when producing bricks, and pallets with different grids are strictly prohibited, so as not to damage the machine by jamming. It is often necessary to check if the pallets are clean and found that the bonded material blocks must be scraped off before they can be sent to the molding machine pallet library. After the bricks produced by the cement brick machine are pressed and formed, the mold boxes, Residual concrete mix on the indenter and other parts of the machine is cleaned. Each time the mold is changed, the car guide rails must be adjusted to support the plane. After the adjustment is completed, the adjustment points must be checked one by one, check the relevant dimensions and the movement position of the parts, and fix the proximity switch. The production process must be manually linked to the test machine, and the goods must be sold one by one. The exterior beauty of the "Cement" brick machine is also important for verifying dimensions, and discharge may be erroneous. When the cement brick machine is in operation, all protective covers and ground covers must be installed to check the grounding wire of the electrical department to prevent leakage and short circuit.