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Cement foam insulation Board and foam cement compound Board differences
- Jan 19, 2017 -

Foam cement compound Board, also known as space, is based around a steel frame, built-in truss and cement foam core materials and surface-layer composite of lightweight structures, with integration of load-bearing insulation, energy-saving environmental protection, recycling, level fire, earthquake and other quality characteristics. Include: roof panels, grid panels, floor panels, wall panels, section and so on.
Therefore, they are the most immediate difference is that cement foam insulation Board is fire insulation, belongs to insulation, foamed cement composite Board is a sheet, which belongs to the building industry products. Detail, is the role of cement foam insulation Board is used for exterior wall and interior wall fire insulation, lighter, and cement board kind of foam cement composite Board materials, heavy quality, generally used for construction roofing construction project, steel floors, interior wall partition panels, frame or steel wall construction.
Although the cement foam composite panels and cement foam insulation board belong to two different kinds of products, but they often have clients confused.
In fact, cement foam insulation boards fireproof performance, sound insulation effect is higher than that of ordinary concrete, strong adhesion, innocuity, environmental protection and energy saving, long life, and building life. Sent bubble cement board has widely application Yu industrial plant, and warehouse, and mainframe garage, and sports venues, and Gallery, and airport, and Mall, and large public facilities, and activities room and the residential sandwich, and civilian residential of fire insulation, all field of construction in the, and overcome has past used bubble insulation by produced of insulation poor, hot sensing rate high, produced cracked of features, is new building of best makes supplies.