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Cement foam technologies bring several major new building materials
- Jan 19, 2017 -

1. foamed concrete block
Compared with the clay brick and hollow brick, it has high strength not afraid to shock, good stability and drying shrinkage is not easy to crack, good sound insulation and moisture-resistant and so on. Widely used in building structure, structure, envelope construction, as well as reinforcement of concrete structures, leak and the repair of highways.
2. insulation decorate one Board
Collection of exterior wall thermal insulation and decorative functions of exterior wall thermal insulation building material, installation technology of dry-hanging, decorative composite panels and organic link building's exterior wall insulation, and one-time wall insulation, decoration and waterproofing capabilities.
3. fire foam cement color steel plate
Fire foam cement color steel plate color steel tile replacement, non-combustible fire protection, sound insulation, heat insulation, corrosion is not easy to rust.
4. lightweight partition Board
Belonging to the light weight noise insulation panels, high strength, as well as multiple environmental protection, breath humidity, fire, rapid construction, reduce the cost of wall feature.