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Exterior wall thermal insulation plate cracking and deformation control measures which
- Jan 19, 2017 -

1. insulation Board must meet the aging period and plate adhesive mesh, bolt specifications, quantity and installation according to the design requirements.
2. base coat of humidity should be moisture-proof primer to ensure grass-roots dry construction conditions, ambient temperature meet.
3. adhesive quality must be guaranteed, and the area should be ≥ 40%. Bolt specifications, quality meets the design requirements, according to height, set the number of grassroots wall for anchoring depth ≥ 25 mm.
4. the primary coat of humidity should be closed primary treatment agent, point box glue paste method is used.
5. Paste sheet base should have a firm, smooth, dry and clean, pasted sheets should be a little harder.
6. paste must be used within a valid time, surpassed the used adhesive for water use is strictly prohibited.
7. the gap between insulation Board and insulation boards with foam filling, no plastering mortar filling the gap.
8. insulation board production, must reach a sufficient number of Chen (cooked) of specimens to ensure stable sheet, no deformation is the most basic conditions, otherwise good bonding glue and supporting materials are difficult to use, temporary adhesive anchors are going to distort, reduce bonding strength.
9. to prevent cracking between the insulation boards, when they should be dealt with at the grass-roots, underside of the insulation mortar, and then paste on the wall at the grassroots level, paste the thermal flow panels of 5~15 mm gap between the plate and the plate, then burnished with insulation board the same plane to achieve expansion seal at the same time as a whole, and make the following step of the General method of operation.