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Introduction to the maintenance plan of hollow brick machine equipment
- Nov 24, 2018 -

The 21st century is the era of rapid development of information technology. China's construction work is also in full swing, and the market competition is also very fierce. We know that benign and reasonable market competition will promote the high development of the national economy, and vicious market competition will It hinders the development of the economy, which is evident in every industry in development. Now the brick machine industry is very hot, the brick machine industry has developed rapidly, and there are also more than 6,000 large-scale and non-burning brick machine production and sales enterprises in the market. At one time, the market has presented a hundred schools of contention, the market The competition has also become increasingly prominent. Through free competition, the pace of development of the brick-free machine industry has been promoted. In the face of market competition, new situations, new challenges, brick-free machine companies need to constantly improve their own strength, keep up with the pace of the market, and promote the development of the market through benign competition. As a leading company in the domestic market, Sinoma Jianke Intelligent Brick Machine will lead by example and provide high quality brick machine for customers.

At present, the domestic advanced burn-free brick and block brick production line includes non-burning brick machine, mold box, standard pallet, etc.; raw materials can be ordinary or lightweight concrete, river sand, pebbles, gravel, cinder, fly ash, Perlite, etc.; production is fully automated production using computer control, and molds can be replaced to produce hollow bricks, colored paving bricks, slope protection bricks, driveway bricks, sand ash bricks and parking lot grass bricks of various shapes and specifications. The import line of such equipment is generally about 1 million US dollars. The cost of the same type of domestic brick machine equipment is roughly between 200,000 and 700,000 yuan. In addition to the lower production efficiency than the imported line, Sinoma Jianke Intelligent Brick Making Machine Aspect performance is comparable to imported equipment.

Investing in the production of burn-free bricks, the selection of equipment should pay attention to the production efficiency should not be less than 40,000 cubic meters / year, the degree of automation should be high, the degree of block should meet national standards, reasonable manufacturing costs and other issues. Take the investment of a block production line as an example, the equipment investment is about 200,000 yuan, the working capital is more than 200,000 yuan, the factory needs about 500 square meters, the management staff and the workers are 10-15 people, the annual output is 40,000 cubic meters, and the price is 120 yuan per cubic meter. The cost is 45-50 yuan, the annual product sales rate is 85%, the profit and tax is about 2.4 million yuan, and the investment profit and tax rate can reach 300%. The project has a large capital investment for small investors. However, as far as the market prospect is concerned, its quality and materials are in line with the national environmental protection requirements for building materials, and in the future development, good economic returns should be achieved.

The factory hollow brick machine has been factory tested in the factory according to the relevant regulations, but due to long-distance transportation, bumpy roads and long time placement, etc., the hollow brick machine is installed, and the new mechanical brick machine or cement brick machine is also used. Also pay attention to the installation, and carry out the following routine inspections: In addition, often check the mold size, welding joint parts in the use, weld cracks, should be repaired in time, wear too fast to adjust the aggregate size, wear too much affect the quality of the product Need to be equipped with a new mold; carefully adjust the gap, including the pressure head and the core, the pressure head and the moving plane of the skip, the mold frame and the line plate, etc., the relative movement must not interfere, rub; check whether the hollow brick machine has any transportation process Damage or deformation (especially pay attention to hydraulic lines).

Check if the fasteners in the main parts of the Sinoma Bricks are loose. Check the gear unit. Whether the cylinder of the vibration table and each lubrication point are refueled as required, and the oil quantity is suitable. In addition, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive wiping operation on the Sinoma Jianke brick-free machine. Before the test machine, it is necessary to lubricate the parts of the relative sliding parts of the moving parts according to regulations. If the machine is disassembled due to transportation needs, it can be divided into a forming device, a feeding device, a feeding device, a brick discharging device, a palletizing device, a phase electric control device, etc., and the assembly is assembled in place according to the assembly relationship.

Hollow brick machine machinery summary: In the installation or replacement of new and old molds in hollow brick machine, we must pay attention to avoid bumps and collisions, step by step, look at the instructions step by step, pay attention to protect the mold; use the air compressor, soft when cleaning the mold daily The tool removes the concrete residue, and it is strictly forbidden to hit and scrape the mold by gravity; the replaced mold is cleaned, oiled and rust-proof, and should be placed in a dry and flat place to prevent gravity deformation.