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The benefit of the building materials industry in the coming years
- Jan 19, 2017 -

1, accelerating the process of urbanization to promote demand for building materials continues to grow
From the building materials industry development of demand-driven factors, urbanization increased, continuous upgrading of fixed assets investment in public infrastructure construction and the development of real estate, gave birth to the incremental demand for insulation materials.
2, building energy-saving and environmental protection demands and continuously improve
Due to the rapid development of the construction and the use of new technologies, traditional building materials and techniques can not meet the requirements of quality, preparation and poor construction methods and building materials not only to resource wastage and environmental devastation, and unable to meet the requirement of building energy-saving, restrict the innovation of wall materials, hindering the pace of upgrades in green building.
3, development of national policies to encourage building insulation materials
Insulation as a new green building material, national and local level are actively encouraged and promoted.
Order 4, building insulation materials industry standardization
Policy standards gradually introduced and perfected, standardized building materials products, insulation materials in the field of building energy efficiency provides a good opportunity for the development.
5, technology promotes the development of new materials for building
Improving development environment and enhance technological innovation capability of science and technology, is the basis of building insulation materials industry innovation and competitiveness.