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Wall insulation materials and building energy-saving industry is in rapid development period
- Jan 19, 2017 -

1. the urbanization of rural population into the new city, bringing a number of new housing demand. According to United Nations population forecasts, China's urbanization rate will reach 2020 61%, population of 1.387 billion. Current per capita living space of 32.9 sq m, the urban housing demand in China in 2020 will reach more than 20 billion square meters, or external wall area of more than 50 billion square meters, under the "Twelve-Five plan" 50% energy-saving standards, calculated according to the average 150 yuan per square meter input, energy-saving construction investment of 7.5 trillion yuan. With the rapid development of urbanization in our country, mainly to house new public building area continues long, opens up space for residential insulation demand.
2. the rise of urban agglomerations require promotion of basic public services in towns, driving schools, hospitals, sports stadiums and other facilities of the building. In contrast to the residential buildings, public building exterior wall thermal insulation process forward, as well as higher insulation requirements, so as to promote rapid development of building insulation market;
3. policy, the construction of affordable housing for the future application of building energy-saving insulation materials provide a broader market spaces. According to the "Twelve-Five" plan, the State will increase construction of affordable housing projects, speed up the shanty. Requirements of the national development and Reform Commission, construction of urban low-income housing projects 36 million sets of the next five years, bringing coverage of affordable housing to 20%.