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What are the operating steps of the concrete mixer?
- Oct 12, 2018 -

Concrete mixer operating procedures and precautions:


1. Turn the function switch on the column to the “automatic” position and press the start switch on the controller. The entire running program will automatically control the operation.

2. After the whole process is completed, it will stop automatically. If you need to stop midway during the running project, you can press the stop button and then restart.

3. After pressing the start button, the display will start to display time, slow speed, sanding, fast, stop, fast, and running indicators flashing on time.

4. When the automatic control, all the switches of the manual function must be turned to the stop position.

Operational matters:

1. Use a measuring gauge to detect the gap between the blade and the wall of the pot should be 3mm ± 2mm. If the gap is out of tolerance, the upper and lower positions of the blade can be adjusted to reach the specified range.

2. The mixing leaves and pots should be cleaned up in time after each use. The electrical parts should be protected from severe vibration, away from water and high temperature, and be careful of dust.

Knowing the use of the mixer can improve the efficiency of the project.

The structural design of the mixer directly affects the adaptability to various concretes and the strength and wear resistance of the materials. Therefore, in the structural design of the concrete mixer, it is necessary to fully absorb and draw on the advantages of various mixers to continuously improve the performance and use of the mixer, and enhance the mixing capacity of the mixer.