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What is foam cement brick
- Jan 19, 2017 -

Ou Fu foam cement brick attributes
1, sound-absorbing effect is usually about 5 times times more concrete, sound insulation coefficient greater than 45dB.
2, fireproof insulation, 1200 degree high temperature baking for 3 hours, maintaining integrity, used in the building, greatly improved fire performance of buildings. Because of their close rate >95%, has very good insulating properties.
3, light weight and resistance to vibration and density is approximately 500kg/cubic around brick and steel structure welded as a whole, able to withstand magnitude 8 earthquake. Usability is very high.
4, innocuity, environmental protection and energy saving.
5, greatly improves the construction efficiency, 4 times more efficient than before.
6, compressive strength and bond strength increased compressive strength of more than 4.0/MPa (standard 3.5/Mpa), hanging for more than 1500/N (standard 1000/N).
7, long life, life of more than 60 of the foam cement brick we average building life for the 60-120.