Interlocking Concrete Brick Making Machine
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Interlocking Concrete Brick Making Machine

HONGJIA MACHINERY is a professional interlocking concrete brick making machine manufacturer and supplier in China. You can rest assured to buy interlocking brick machine from our factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.


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Product Description

HONGJIA MACHINERY is one of the famous China interlocking concrete brick making machine manufacturer and supplier. The following is an introduction to automatic vibrating brick maker, HONGJIA MACHINERY hope to help you better understand cement brick block machine. Welcome new and old customers to continue to cooperate with us to create a better future together!

Product introduction:

1. host machine made of high-strength rectangle steel and new technics seal,can stand wear and tear.

2. Using dry-type 4 shaft vibration technology, the production of brick products can be complete in a short period of time.

3. Pass through precise vibration and hydraulic pressure, can be produced high-density and high strength brick products.

4. Using Siemens PLC control system, Siemens touch screen and imported electrical parts

5. According to different productionrequire, change different mould ,produce different specifications. shape and material bricks.

Technical parameter
Dimension of the molding machine 12500x2714x2550 (mm) Pallet size 1350x1350 (mm)
Molding height 50-200 (mm) Vibration force 180(KN)
Molding machine power 102.9 Kw Machine weight 25T

Main product specification & output
Type(solid/hollow) Specification(mm) Pcs/mould S/Mould Pcs/Hour Pcs/8hours
390x190x190 18 13-18 3600-4984 28800-39876
240x115x53 105 13-18 21000-29076 168000-232615
225x112.5x60 55 18-23 8608-11000 68869-88000
200x100x60 60 18-23 9391-12000 75130-96000

HONGJIA MACHINERY interlocking concrete brick making machines are for the manufacture of concrete bricks, blocks and paving. The brick making machines are manufactured to heavy-duty standards to ensure long life, high performance and the manufacture of quality products.

Product Details:

The feature of interlocking concrete brick making machine:

1. Equipped with independently developed control systems, seamlessly integrated with hydraulic systems and mechanical components, achieving mechatronics and hydraulic integration control, ensuring efficient operation of the entire machine to achieve optimal working conditions.

2. Powerful self diagnosis and guidance functions, real-time monitoring and display of system operation status, timely shutdown and alarm prompts when faults are detected. And provide solutions and handling methods, as if a renowned teacher is present.

3. Adopting imported PLC programmable controller, color touch screen, more user-friendly operation interface, parameter guidance and other practical functions, allowing users to easily achieve human-machine dialogue.

4. Adopting high-performance hydraulic technology from abroad and a dual hydraulic drive system. Stronger vibration, shorter molding cycle, and higher product strength.

5. Adopting foreign original high-performance vibration system, with strong vibration, short molding cycle, and high product density.

6. Adopting a suspended bidirectional positioning material cart with low running resistance, it solves the impact of thickness errors on the product due to the support plate.

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